Hi all,

We are trying integrate Resin with Quartz via RMI Registry, which means 
Resin and Quartz are deployed in distributed manner.

The first approach we tried is pass the job into Resin by using Remote 
EJB, but since some jobs take more than hours to run, this causes Resin 
throws SocketTimeout.

Then we are trying to fire JMS message from Quartz to Resin, the JMS 
message wraps Job and JobExecutionContext, and can be picked by 
MessageBean in Resin side.

The question is how can I get JMSConnectionFactory and JMSQueue 
resources via Hessian/JNDI if I try to fire the message remotely (i.e. 
in another JVM) ?
I have tried put JNDI-link into resin.conf but no luck.

There is no problem to locate JMS resources if it calls in the same JVM, 
but it seems very different if this happens cross JVM, and currently I 
cant find any docs  about this. Any one have same issue?

Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Will Tao
Java Developer
ICT Group
NetRegistry Pty Ltd

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