You might want to consider looking at something like the Improve Resin
Plugin for Eclipse:



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Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 6:49 PM
Subject: [Resin-interest] point resin to alternative webapps directory
andgive it a context name


Hi guys,


I have dealt with quiet a few app servers, but I am relatively new to

I want to start Resin programmatically from eclipse to allow me to debug
my web app straight from my code in eclipse, as opposed to deploying the
jar into the webapps folder and attaching an external listener to


I have managed to start resin programmatically using the ResinServer
class no problem. 

But, I could not find a way to tell Resin where my webapps folder is (as
opposed to using the webapps folder inside of resin) nor which context
to use.


I have done that in the past but all the app server I have dealt with
had a way to pass in to the app server the location of the webapps and
what context to use.


Open to using any version of resin...


Any help is appreciated,


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