In any case, what you would probaby get with that setting would be for  
Resin to call the init() method of the servlet generated from the JSP,  
not making a ficticious call to your JSP as for that you need a  
request, a response to send back to the browser etc. If you don't have  
such things (request, response), it does not make much sense to use a  
You might want to look for an alternative using template languages  
that are not that much http-request oriented, like, for example, a  
context listener that reads/processes a freemarker template or similar  


S'està citant Aaron Freeman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> I just want to call a JSP at startup, where I can use JSTL to make some
> database calls, set some application variables and populate an application
> scope hashmap.   I don't want to code the logic in a servlet, because I want
> a non-Java programmer to be able to modify the JSP page in the future.
> Aaron


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