I took resin for a test drive last night to check on compatibility for a PHP
framwork and found some issues with the interpriter, which someone may or
may not know how to fix. When the interpriter hits a line that has 
"$class='blah'; $test= new $class($options);" it fails saying that it
essentially doesnt know where to find the class file. Is this an issue with
the current state of the interpriter? 

Is there a document somewhere that outlines the current state of
compatibility with PHP? I have not seen one but if there is one that
outlined a comparison of features of say Quercus and PHP 5.2.X that would be
really helpfull.

The framework I was testing was CakePHP 1.2
(http://api.cakephp.org/1.2/connection__manager_8php-source.html#l00110) was
the line it errored on. 
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