I'm testing Resin 3.1.4 pro in order to replace resin 2.1.
One of my problems is that jsp's compilation is very very long, so I had
to precompile my jsp pages, but I have thousands.
So what I want is to precompile all the jsp pages with resin 3.1.4 but
not in the same WEB-INF/work directory as Resin 2.1.
(The problem is that Resin 3.1.4 and Resin 2.1 are configured to use the
same web-app directory, Resin 3.1.4 is not running on a public port,
it's only running to precompile jsp on startup, but I can't delete the
".class" files generated by Resin 2.1)
Can anyone tell me how to change the WEB-INF path ?
Thanks a lot,

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