(I am a resin fan)
A great tool for developmnet, next step in ANT is Hudson, better than Lunut for 
CI. It really improves porductivity.

It works w/ most containers (tomcat, jetty) but w/ resin it has some security 
role issue.

How to work w/ Hudson and have it "secure"?

Also, what tools are there for resin remote deployment of a build/ or managment 
app to deploy/undeploy? Only cargo?
(Like for tomcat we have tomcat-ant-jar that lets me issue deployment commands, 
and tomcat comes w/ a nice managment app to deploy/undeploy?)

So I'd like to use resin w/ CI (Continous integration) and I need help w/ 

How would I from ant stop resin remote, deploy, and start? And how do I then 
get hudson.war to run on Resin to do this automatic on svn commit? (this works 
w/ tomcat, and I just want to do it in resin).

(ps: the new feature of watchdog makes it harder for me to stop/start resin in 

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