Thanks Nathan,


I believe an applet can use an HttpURLConnection to connect to and invoke a
servlet so I think that covers what you are saying.  What I don't understand
is how the servlet maintains the connection to the applet and exactly how
the methods in the applet are invoked from the servlet.  In the examples of
Comet given, the messages sent back to the "client" are through HTML posts
which contain JavaScript.  Would it work the same way for applet?  I mean is
it a case that the servlet sends back HTML with embedded JavaScript calls
which then invoke methods on the applet or is there a more direct way to
invoke the applet methods directly?






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Has anyone tried using a combination of Resin, Comet and applets?  I see
examples using Comet with HTML-based technologies but is this also possible
for plain old applets?  I can't figure out how it would work (or IF it would

ive done only crude work with applets; many years ago at that.
however, if applets have a way to send an http request to the server
it is conceivable that the 'comet effect' could be recreated with them. 
basically, all comet does is keep the http connection open.
its expensive, but as you know offers the ability to 'push' to the client.


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