You just need to add another servlet mapping to your web.xml for that

By default, the $RESIN_HOME/conf/app-default.xml defines, that Quercus is
used for all *.php URL's:

  <servlet servlet-name="resin-php"


  <servlet-mapping url-pattern="*.php" servlet-name="resin-php"/>

If you want that *.do files are treated as *.php files, just add:

  <servlet-mapping url-pattern="*.do" servlet-name="resin-php"/>

But be aware that *.do might be used by other web-apps as well (e.g. for
struts). So I would recommend to add the servlet and the servlet-mapping
explicitly to the required web.xml or resin-web.xml


2007/12/17, zendfreak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi, I installed resin-3.1.4 on server. My client asked me to change all
> the
> php files extension name from .php to .do. But then I found that all the
> <?php ... ?> code not work within html.  Here is an example:
>        <TR>
>                        <td colspan="2"><? include ''?></td>
>        </TR>
>                <tr>
>                        <td width="20%" height="100%"><? echo "test"
> ?></td>
>                        <td valign="top">
> .....
> The program just execute the html, but all the code inside <?...?> not
> executed. If I change extension name from .do back to .php, then
> everything
> wroks fine. So how can I fix this problem if I need the file extension
> name
> to be .do?
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