I did a search in the archives and came up with Scott's post at
http://www.caucho.com/support/resin-interest/0108/0464.html which
certainly seems to answer the question completely, but I'm still
unable to get any reaction to my PUT requests outside of the error 501
"method not implemented"

My servlet does implement doPut according to the spec given on

protected void doPut(HttpServletRequest req,
                     HttpServletResponse res)
              throws ServletException,

and my web.xml file does allow the method:

.     <param-name>putAllowed</param-name>

yet all I get is the line in the access.log - - [17/Dec/2007:17:29:34 -0500] "PUT /servlet/ HTTP/1.1"
501 200 "-" "-"

and no other evidence :(

can anyone offer any guess as to what I may have forgotten to set to
enable these requests? Is there some setting I need to enable in the
servlet.conf?  Is there some way to get more information out as to why
I am receiving the 501 error?

 I am using resin-3.0.19 with Sun Java 1.5 on a Linux Debian machine.

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