To implement a com.opensymphony.xwork2.ObjectFactory, we should override 
    public Object buildBean(Class clazz, Map extraContext);
and create/obtain a bean instance of specified bean class (provided by param 

I think I may get a WebBeansContainer instance as follow
    WebBeansContainer container = WebBeansContainer.create();
and then use it to create/obtain bean instance.

How could I do this?

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ObjectFactory implementation

> I'm using Struts2 in nearly every new projects these days, with Guice as 
> the
> IoC injector.
> I want to switch to Resin's WebBeans implementation and Resin/IoC.
> One of the main concerns is that I could not figure out how to write a
> ObjectFactory implementation using
> Resin/IoC/WebBeans infrastucture, like Guice/Spring did.
> Could anyone provide me an example or some instructions/tips for me to
> follow?
> Thanks very much.
> Wesley

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