With 3.1.4 the Bug 2201 ( http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=2201 ) has been
closed and watchdog-password has been added.

How does one specify the watchdog password when starting a server. I was
able to startup app-a and app-b but when trying to start web-a, I get this:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] resin-pro-3.1.4a]$ java -jar lib/resin.jar -server web-a start
Resin/3.1.4a can't start -server 'web-a' for watchdog at
com.caucho.config.ConfigException: watchdog start forbidden - authentication
failed :
[EMAIL PROTECTED] resin-pro-3.1.4a]$

I've used the resin.conf from 3.1.4a and made only some small changes (added
app-a and app-b for example, specified jmx-service tag in <management> etc).

I could not find any documentation about that new feature on
www.caucho.comwebsite using the search functionality.
Please advise - thanks in advance.

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