Yes, most of the time people are happy to upgrade quick.

There is no streaming comet here, just regular simple call, returns an array of 
maps, strings.
I do not think anything weired going on Hessian flex client at all.
I might upgrade them to the next Hessian flex and .jar nightly when it comes 


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On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 11:10:15AM -0800, Vic Cekvenich wrote:
> A tomcat 5.5 site is using hessian/flex, like it a lot. It gets
> hessian errors, some ex:
> Read timed out
> or sometimes
> expected 'c' in hessian input at -1

Hi Vic,

Can you tell me about the setup?  Is this streaming hessian or
method calls (looks like methods to me)?  Are the clients that
cause this doing anything weird?

The second exception is a result of the socket getting closed.
The error message isn't very handy, but it's saying it got an EOF
instead of what it was looking for.

> Site gets thousand of hits per minute, exceptions are about once an
 hour. Other
> resin sites seem fine, but this site is tc.
> Any suggestion on what to do?

Switch to Resin. ;-)

> .V
> ps: for fun: (the "recent" banner
 on top is
> flex rotating and calling hessian java and generating these




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