> Thanks for your response. I added my listener to the web-app-default section
> in the app-default.xml file. before the import of the web application's
> web.xml and that solved the problem.

The intent of app-default.xml is that it is not usually changed.  It
contains the defaults for Resin, making them explicit so you can see
what they are rather than having them hard-coded.

It's a bit clearer to use resin.conf, and the prologue tag:

in resin.conf:


You can of course change app-default.xml as you have, however two
disadvantages are that the configuration is a bit buried (for yourself
or the next person who forgets that there is some configuration put in
there), and also because future versions of resin may ship with a
different app-default.xml and you would have to remember to merge your
changes into each version.

-- Sam

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