Does issue #2154 also affect cluster/tcp store or just JDBC store?

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> What changes are included in resin 3.0.25 since 3.0.24?

jsp: tag-file pageEncoding not properly picked up (#2170) fix with -lc for linux (#2082) 
session - always-load-session would load for static pages (#2154) 
win32: isapi_srun.dll should return 503 on backend disconnect (#2040) 
win32: isapi_srun.dll config of client-read-time (#2039, #2129) 
win32: isapi_srun.dll saving of config (#1879)
proxy cache: redo cache loading for sync issues (#1992) 
hessian: issue with class serialization (#198)
windows issues with webapps and trailing dot 
request.getInputStream issues with encodings (#1915) 

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