Have you investigated using the rewrite-dispatch tag in your  
resin.conf file? To do it at the domain level, you can put a rewrite- 
dispatch block inside the <server> block. But it sounds like you want  
it in the <web-app> block.


Maybe something like this?

         <redirect regexp="^/somepath/somefile\.jsp" target="/ 

Or maybe use <rewrite ...> instead of <redirect ...> if you want to  
avoid sending a 302 to the requesting browser. There are several  
different options.


On Jan 24, 2008, at 2:43 AM, Ron Pitts wrote:

> This has been bugging me for awhile so here it goes
> I'm currently displaying a jsp page located at /somepath/somefile.jsp
> I want to forward the request to a jsp file in the root directory,  
> e.g. /confirm.jsp, however after forwarding the path location is  
> still /somepath/, any ideas how to set the path location as well?
> HttpServletRequest request,
> HttpServletResponse response,
> RequestDispatcher disp;
>   disp = request.getRequestDispatcher("/confirm.jsp");
>   disp.forward(request, response);
> thanks

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