FYI, a new snapshot is available.  We're starting to make progress on  
cleaning up the failing regressions for the release.  We're in week 7  
of a planned 8 for 3.1.5.  The snapshots will probably be more  
frequent until the release.

There's a bit of new documentation on the wiki:

   * jUnit ( describes how to use the  
Resin 3.1.5 embedding API to run an embedded Resin in a jUnit test

   * Wicket ( shows how to make  
Wicket's Application object into a Resin IoC object

   * Jackrabbit ( shows how to  
configure a Jackrabbit Repository as a JCA/.rar driver.  You can use  
the non-JCA APIs, of course.  JCA just adds transaction enlistment to  

   * CXF ( shows how to configure CXF as a  
driver for Resin's remoting.

-- Scott

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