The SecurityManager is horrible for performance.

That's why we don't recommend enabling it unless absolutely necessary. :-)

-- Scott

"Mktg. Incorporate Fast" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:              Hi,
  I am deploying Resin with the <security-manager/> tag in an ISP environment.  
I am seeing a degradation in performance over not using the security manager.  
I am not sure how to combat this, and make it run better.  I have been yahooing 
for answers but can’t find any good ones.   Any suggestions are highly 
  What I am seeing is that with each webpage request the server load-average 
continues to climb on Solaris.  It does eventually drop, but it does take some 
time.  This is on a development server that only has one host, and only me 
clicking onto pages.  So I can’t imagine what will happen when deployed to a 
production server.  It does not seem to be possible.
  Are there any ways to tune the JVM to optimize the <security-manager/> 
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