Courtenay Teska Race wrote:
> Hi,
> I realize this is a fairly basic question, but I'm new to setting up
> resin.  I've installed resin on Windows under C:\resin-3.1.3\ .  If I
> run the server using the httpd.exe, the server starts and I can view
> jsp pages under http://localhost:8080/ as well as under
> http://localhost:8080/TestResinProject/web where I am testing some
> code.
> I am now trying to give access to my database located on another
> server, but my modifications to the resin.conf file, seem to be
> causing problems with starting the server.
> I am accessing a postgres 7.3 database on a remote server.
> I entered the following into the resin.conf file right below the
> "Sample database pool configuration" added by coucho (I've blocked out
> my actual password):

I put my JDBC jars in the lib directory under the main resin install 
directory.  So in your case it would be c:\resin-3.1.3\lib.


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