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In a single machine clustered environment the 20 minute timeout works,
but in a two machine cluster the session does not timeout until 30 minutes..

Actually, that should be normal.

To reduce network traffic, the active times are only updated infrequently, and therefore the timeout is treated as a minimum that gets stretched. So you won't see the sessions closed at exactly the session timeout value, but some minutes later.

-- Scott

The only difference in the single vs. two machine resin.conf is:

Single machine
//Use caucho directly no ISAPI filer
<http server-id="app1" host="" port="80" read- timeout="300s" write-timeout="300s"/>
//One server in cluster
<srun server-id="app1" host="" port="6802" index="1"/>
        <web-app-deploy path="webapps"/>
//Runs in development directory
<web-app id="/xxxx" document-directory="D:/Projects/IOP/XXXX/ code/web">
      <web-app id="/xxxx-help" document-directory="webapps/xxxx-help">

Two machine Cluster (No front end load balancer)
//Uses IIS via ISAPI as front end no direct access to resin configured.
        <srun server-id="app1" host="web1" port="6802" index="1"/>
        <srun server-id="app2" host="web2" port="6802" index="2"/>
    //Uses directory  with war files
     <web-app-deploy path="d:/web/apps/war-dir"/>

I couldn't tell if this issue might have been fixed my 3.1.4 or 3.0.25,
we are currently using 3.0.23.
Possibly related Issues that were fixed.

security: update form-login with session timeout issue (#1674, rep by bthakkar) session saving was still attemped after invalidation (#2031, rep by jkriesten) timing issues with session invalidation (#1897, rep by Bradley Van Cleave) session: update invalidation to ensure invalidation drops session (#1951)

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