Would then be the recommended way to work to set all watchdog ports on  
all resin.conf files to be the same one? I'm thinking that might be  
causing some of the issues as "side effect".

I understand the reason to use a well-known port, but sometimes the  
instances stop responding due to some application misbehaving (in our  
case, usually a DB breaks connections the wrong way and ends up  
blocking the JVM) and that's the time to kill the process manually. We  
have some scripts to check the status of the OS processes as sometimes  
the applications themselves, as bad patients, are not reliable on  
answering about their status :). Having an option to hard-kill  
instances have been proven very useful through the years, with this or  
any long lived processes. It's not an issue specific to Resin or any  
other server.

My only issue was the watchdog process reporting instances to be up  
when they were not, as this woud mean it would not startup the new  
instance. So thanks for creating the bug reports, I'll keep an eyem on  
them to upgrade again.


>> So my question would be... is there any configuration setting I can
>> use
>> with 3.1 to have several instances totally independent, so I can
>> start/stop/kill one of them without affecting the rest? Unfortunately,
>> sharing ONE resin.conf file is not an option and using ONE instance is
>> not an option as well.
> That's the purpose of the watchdog-port.  The start/stop program needs
> a well-known port so it can tell the instance to shut down.  The old
> 3.0 method used pid files to handle the same situation.
> -- Scott


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