Are you sure you have both Hibernate Core and Hibernate EntityManger 
installed? It sounds like you might not have 
the EntityManager jar(s). not sure if you also need the Hibernate 
Annotations bits.

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majohnst wrote:
> I've been trying to use Hibernate instead of Amber for my persistence layer,
> but I am having a hard time getting it installed. I read in the list that
> version 3.1.4 was required in order to replace amber with hibernate. So I've
> downloaded 3.1.4
> I've also been following the instructions on the wiki:
> about how to install hibernate in resin.
> Whenever I try these instructions, it looks like hibernate is never started
> up. I've followed the example on the wiki and included a @Named property in
> my servlet. I've also made sure that my persistence.xml file is the same as
> the example. When I start up resin, I get an error:
> com.caucho.config.ConfigException: Servlet._entityManagerFactory: Can't find
> a component for 'javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory'
> So it looks like hibernate was never started or named properly. Does anyone
> know how to fix this?

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