Yes, I have all the hibernate jars. I downloaded the latest versions of 
Hibernate core, annotations and entitymanager and put them in my 
resin/lib directory.

I am using an exploded ear for deploy my application.


Matt Pangaro wrote:
> Are you sure you have both Hibernate Core and Hibernate EntityManger 
> installed? It sounds like you might not have 
> the EntityManager jar(s). not sure if you also need the Hibernate 
> Annotations bits.
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> majohnst wrote:
>> I've been trying to use Hibernate instead of Amber for my persistence layer,
>> but I am having a hard time getting it installed. I read in the list that
>> version 3.1.4 was required in order to replace amber with hibernate. So I've
>> downloaded 3.1.4
>> I've also been following the instructions on the wiki:
>> about how to install hibernate in resin.
>> Whenever I try these instructions, it looks like hibernate is never started
>> up. I've followed the example on the wiki and included a @Named property in
>> my servlet. I've also made sure that my persistence.xml file is the same as
>> the example. When I start up resin, I get an error:
>> com.caucho.config.ConfigException: Servlet._entityManagerFactory: Can't find
>> a component for 'javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory'
>> So it looks like hibernate was never started or named properly. Does anyone
>> know how to fix this?
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