Scott Ferguson wrote:
There have been some changes to the watchdog. I haven't been able to duplicate the exact failure scenarios yet, so it would be very helpful if someone who can reproduce the failures can give me a simple sequence to test.

I believe the issues in and turned out to be a misunderstanding about the difference between the watchdog port and the cluster port. At least that is what I read out of message id <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (attached).


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Scott Ferguson escribió:
> On Feb 7, 2008, at 9:27 AM, Daniel Lopez wrote:
>> Would then be the recommended way to work to set all watchdog ports on
>> all resin.conf files to be the same one? I'm thinking that might be
>> causing some of the issues as "side effect".
> It currently defaults to use the same one.  I'm not sure I understand.

Ummm my bad, the port I'm configuring different for each instance is the 
"server port":
<server id="InstanceX" address="" port="660X"/>
I confused the concepts. That is probably the port used by the watchdog 
process to contact this server instance, so having it different on each 
instance is the right way to go.
I understand now, thanks to Bill Au's reminder, that in order to change 
the watchdog port, there's another setting.

However, that would probably mean 2 JMV instances per "server", right? 
One for the watchdog process and another for the app. server itself. 
That would probably be too much overhead, as having many perl processes 
was a not a problem before, but JVM processes are not that light :).

So I'll wait for the issues to be dealt with, and then stay with one 
watchdog process and several instances.

Thanks all for your help,

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