There's a new snapshot available.   It now includes the openssl  
compiled for 64-bit windows.

We're starting week 9 of 9 for 3.1.5.  I'm not sure we'll be able to  
release this week, since there's a good number of important open  
bugs.  If not, it'll be day-by-day next week.

Some things to note:

  * Wicket support for Resin-IoC has expanded (see 
.  You can now configure Wicket to ask Resin to inject Wicket  

   * Related to Wicket, Resin-IoC singletons are now serializable.  So  
a singleton bean serialized in one machine in a clustered environment  
will deserialize to the Resin-IoC singleton on the other machine.   
This works for Resin-managed objects like DataSources as well.  Wicket  
needs that capability because it stores its components in the session,  
so any singleton injection needs to be serializable in a meaningful way.

   * Resin's EJB and IoC support has been unified.  This means you can  
use EJB annotations like @TransactionAttribute for IoC beans  
(including servlets and filters), and WebBeans annotations like the  
@InterceptorBindingType for EJBs.  There's a brief description at

   * Resin JMS queues can now use the BlockingQueue API (see 
.  The BlockingQueue will automatically create an ObjectMessage for  
you before passing it along to the queue.  You can obtain the  
BlockingQueue with @In, @Named, etc, with the same values as the JMS  
Queue (i.e. it's really the same object.)

   * The jUnit page ( for using embedded  
Resin with jUnit (I'm not sure if I already listed this.)

   * Hudson (a continuous integration server) now has a wiki page at 
).  Basically, the new administration users in the <management> block  
can be used for Hudson's secure mode.

   * There have been some changes to the watchdog.  I haven't been  
able to duplicate the exact failure scenarios yet, so it would be very  
helpful if someone who can reproduce the failures can give me a simple  
sequence to test.

-- Scott

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