Sometime next week is looking pretty good for the 3.1.5 release, but  
toward the end of the week.

Snapshot notes:

* Resin's JSF now works with Apache Trinidad (see 
. The jsf-12.jar is in the support directory for now, since it's not  
quite ready for release.  So just copy that file into resin/lib to  
enable Resin's JSF.

* Mule integration information is at  The  
mule integration lets you use Resin-IoC inside mule components, so you  
can easily grab the JPA EntityManager or databases or whatever when  
processing messages.

Mule is basically a messaging system with lots of endpoints and  
transformers, or in marketing-speak an ESB container.

* The watchdog additions are in the snapshot. 
  gives a few examples.

* Maven and Ivy are now both supported in the repositories.  See 
  and for information.  The data is stored  
at and

-- Scott

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