Hi Scott,

>> 500 Servlet Exception
>> [show] 'QName[{}value]' is an unknown property of
>> 'com.caucho.server.webapp.Application'
> Can you send the stack trace?  It should have included the line number.
> The problem is probably a bad resin.conf (a <web-app> section) or  
> web.xml.  Possibly some extraneous text outside the configuration (?)

actually, that's the only line I get - nothing more (no line number or 
anything)! :-O

The last working version of resin for me is resin-pro-3.1.s080208

Maybe my post "Re: [Resin-interest] 2008-02-16 snapshot release" may give a 
what's wrong (I guess you missed that one)?

Best regards, --- Jan.

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