This is an excellent finding. I got the same IllegalStateExceptions as 
well when jsp:include a struts1 action with resin 3.1.4.

I tested with struts 1.0.x, 1.1.x, and 1.2.x, I got the same error. 
However, when I tried struts 1.3.8, this exception disappeared.

I posted the similar question on the list several weeks ago, and I was 
suggested to use the switch flush="false", which actually did not make 
any difference.

If anyone knows the solution for avoiding this exception with struts 
versions less than 1.3.x, please let me know.


Ilya Kasnacheev wrote:
> I've found one thing in resin 3.1 regarding RequestDispatcher, include() and 
> forward()
> Let's suppose we have a ServletResponse, and we've wrote some text into its 
> output stream, so it's now in "committed" state.
> That means, as J2EE spec tells, that we can no longer do forward() on it, or 
> we'll get an IllegalStateException. In the meantime we can do include() on 
> it, including the response from random URI into result document.
> So we include() a chain of struts1 actions into it.
> They're going to forward() the request until the end of chain is reached.
> As I've found out, this will result in a shower of IllegalStateExceptions 
> being thrown. Interesting thing that, despite those exceptions, actions 
> successfully transfer control from one to another, eventually finishing 
> processing and writing everything they need to.
> Now the weird thing is:
> On the first side, include()d document can be thought as being processed 
> independently. Basically it should behave as if you fetched that page by 
> using HTTP and then printed it into output stream. So, forward() should work 
> because there is no reason for it to not work - because it would work in the 
> case of outside request.
> On the second side, include()d document gets unmodified ServletResponse from 
> parent servlet, which have its buffer committed, and I guess there are no 
> easy ways to tell whenever forward() was called from include()d servlet, 
> where it is fine, or from the parent servlet, where it's a no-no
> I can't say I have a question about resin, I just wanted to share that bunch 
> of facts and thoughts with you.
> P.S. Having said that, I find the original limitation on forward() rather 
> annoying. I guess it's supposed to ensure cookies and headers neither being 
> written into document nor discarded, and also prevent from outputting half of 
> one html document and then outputting the whole another html document.
> That's the well known "We didn't want to let you shoot yourself in the foot 
> so 
> we duct taped your fingers together; and also, we wanted to prematurely 
> optimise a bit" antipattern clearly.
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