> The Pligg verbosity I mentioned in the last
> few snapshots its still present, which is a
> shame as we can't go live with such enourmous
> logfiles being generated. Is there some way I
> can turn it off?

Hello Stargazer

It turns out this problem was caused by Pligg's
use of error_log() to write to a file in the cache
directory. I fixed the problem and closed the bug
report, but the fix won't be available until the
next snapshot release. What you could do until then
is change the Pligg code in ez_sql_core.php on line
348. You can replace the error_log() call with
a call to file_put_contents() with the append option.

Like so:

- error_log ( serialize($result_cache), 3,

+ file_put_contents( $cache_file,
serialize($result_cache), FILE_APPEND);

I hope that helps

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