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   After Resin 3.1.6, we'll move the development into the 3.2.x tree,  
and 3.1.x will become the stable branch


  * jsf: Bean classes must have a zero-argument with  
com.sun.rave.faces.data.ResultSetPropertyResolver (#2364)

* added scheduled-task to improve cron scheduling (#2311, #2475, rep  
by netsql3)

* xa: Synchronization exception in beforeCompletion() could prevent  
rollback (#2454, rep by ddalessa)

* ioc: interceptors not properly handling thrown exceptions (#2483,  
rep by wesley)
* amber: @PersistenceContext fixes with third-party JPA providers  
(#2435, #2482, rep by Matt Johnson)


<scheduled-task> is a cleanup of the old CronResource.  The docs are at:


Basically, it's a timed event generator based on a cron-style timing  
specification.  The task is any bean implementing the Runnable  
interface.  The configuration goes in the resin-web.xml (or  
resin.conf) and looks like:

   <scheduled-task class="qa.MyTask">
      <cron>5 0 *</cron>

which would run at 00:05 every day.

The task can also be an EL method expression or a URL, which might  
look like:

   <scheduled-task method="#{myBean.myMethod}">
      <cron>0 */3</cron>


   <scheduled-task url="/cron.php">
     <cron>0 */6</cron>

-- Scott

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