Crucial for me right now anyway ;-)
The section under "JNDI DataSource ... WEB-INF/resin-web.xml" has 
malformed xml for the <database> tag.
Any chance of a fuller example please?

The problem is I'm trying to associate a MySQL Pligg db on a different 
server to the one resin 3.1.5 is running on. All my attempts to patch 
things by updating the relevant *.php files stil result in 
"localhost:3306" references in the error messages, when I really want to 
use (and see) "" there. Nothing I am doing seems to prevent 
it from looking at localhost.

The comment above the paragraph I mentioned seems strange too - it 
suggests a db config there will override anything in the php scripts, 
which is pretty much what I want. Does this really mean the params 
defined in the php scripts are irrelevant?

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