I think you will need to use either the persist() or merge() methods of 
the EntityManager in order to save your data to the database. In your 
case since you are updating an existing record, you will need to use:



Riccardo Cohen wrote:
> Hi
> I used to play with entity ejb with resin 3.0 with no problem. Now in 
> 3.1.5 I have this code :
>    @PersistenceContext(name="public") private EntityManager m_manager;
>    public boolean set_homeinfo(int id_user,String title)
>    {
>      boolean success=false;
>      Query hqr=m_manager.createQuery("select h from homeinfo h where 
> h.id_user="+id_user);
>      List<homeinfo> hitems = (List<homeinfo>)hqr.getResultList();
>      if (hitems.size()==1)
>      {
>        homeinfo homeobj=hitems.get(0);
>        System.out.println("title was "+homeobj.getTitle());
>        homeobj.setTitle(title);
>        success=true;
>      }
>      return(success);
>    }
> The select works all right, but the "title" field is never modified. I 
> added finer info on sql to see database requests in log, and there is no 
> "update". Did I miss something ?
> I looked at the resin amber tutorials, but there are only "select" 
> samples, I did not see "insert" and "update" samples... I remember 
> problems like this with 3.0 when the entity bean was reused, it was not 
> saved, but here it is not the case.
> Thanks for any help.


Matt Johnston

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