Sam, Scott,
I'm looking for the Eclipse Plugin for Resin-3.1 from Caucho.
In the Bug 1292 there is a note:
sam 11-01-07 09:12
Caucho will provide an eclipse plugin that integrates with the "jst" and
"wst" projects of eclipse.
Installation instructions included in the release notes for 3.1.4

But on the Release Notes page for 3.1.4 ( there is nothing mentioned
about it.

The only thing I was able to find in the Caucho Wiki was this Link
which refers to two non Caucho pages.
The first link opens a page where a raw JSP is served and the second link
only offers an Eclipse plugin for 3.0 (<q>Note: This plug-in needs some
update for Resin 3.1. It only supports Resin 3.0.</q>)

So, where can I find appropriate information about the Caucho Eclipse

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