Chris Chen wrote:
Your problem is similar to mine.

I spent the entire day yesterday trying to debug phpbb3 running on  
quercus.  Phpbb3 appears to be using either Smarty or something  
similar and I am getting almost the exact problem that you're getting.

It was super difficult to debug scripts under quercus.  Debugging  
under IntelliJ is driving me nuts. :)
Yah, IntelliJ is the bomb... To bad they don't have PHP support yet... (make sure you leave a comment in their suggestion box that they need it).
Since i am able to consistently get quercus to not process smarty  
tags, I am a bit closer to finding the real cause to the problem.  I  
believe I've at least narrowed it down to either the Regex module or  
the Array storage/processing in Quercus.

If I get some time, I may continue to debug and find out why Quercus  
simply hates these regular expressions.
I'd guess Array, but that is based only on my experience with lazy initialization in hibernate not working on contained lists (but it works fine everywhere else).  Of course, regex is probably equally likely. I spent the better part of the day trying to get HTMLPurifier working. The end result was a java class that System.executes native php to clean html and print the results... I never got it to run under Resin. It would fail to tokenize the HTML... In any case, I would appreciate any info you have if you manage to sort it out.
Perhaps spending the time trying to get vbulletin to work under  
quercus might be a more productive use of my time. :)


On Mar 13, 2008, at 1:06 PM, Andrew Fritz wrote:

Sorry if this is the wrong list, but the Quercus list appears to be  
There is no mail in the archive and mail to quercus- 

Now to my question/statement:

Smarty works great in 3.1.3, but is broken in 3.1.4 and 3.1.5. I opens
the template file and returns the contents unprocessed. All the tags
remain in the file. Is there a work around to make it work again? I  
to upgrade to try to get around another bug, but can't right now since
our side is pretty much 100% smarty templates.


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