I get the following error when trying to do constructor injection of a
DataSource into a resin managed component.

com.caucho.config.ConfigException: public
com.amirsys.monitor.rdbms.ConnectionManagerJNDI(javax.sql.DataSource) does
not have valid arguments

My configuration:

-) I have a datasource defined in my resin.conf with jndi-name "jndi/acres"
-) I have a component with the @Component and @ApplicationScoped annotations
-) My component used the @Named("jndi/acres") annotation in the constructor
    public ConnectionManagerJNDI(@Named("jdbc/acres") DataSource dataSource)
        this.dataSource = dataSource;
-) I define the component in my resin-web.xml using the bean element

Anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

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