I found the problem, but I am not sure what the best solution for this would
be. The issue is that huge IF statement at the beginning of
Mysqli::fetchFieldDirect() is getting back a null value for the table name
with a "DESCRIBE users" statement, but standard SQL statements work fine.

Output from tests: (#1 metadat.toString(), #2 my log.log entries showing
empty table name and valid field name)
[23:06:53.921] {http--8080-0}  
3(FIELD_TYPE_VAR_STRING),flags=, charsetIndex=33, charsetName=UTF-8]
[23:06:53.921] {http--8080-0} getFieldTable::EMPTY TABLE::
[23:06:53.921] {http--8080-0} getFieldTable::EMPTY TABLE:-1:
[23:06:53.921] {http--8080-0} fetchFieldDirect()::long_if::
[23:06:53.921] {http--8080-0} fetchFieldDirect()::long_if::EXTRA
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