Hi Scott,

Today morning I switched my production website to snapshot080320. I'm running on JDK1.6.0_04 64bit at a 64bit windows 2008 machine with two cpu socket(both single core) and 4GB ram.

I've modified resin.conf by these options:

After some time, about half an hour, I found cpu usage jumped to 50% (run out of one cpu) because of javaw.exe, which consumed 2048M phisical ram.

I restart resin and after half an hour or so, it happened again. I had to revert to snapshot080305 and 32bit 1.6.0_04 jvm, and everything went ok as the past two weeks.

The deployed webapp was absolutely identical during the migration.

Note: I use jbosscache (version 2.1.0 GA) heavily in my webapp and maybe cache 20k objects/octal streams (more than 400M bytes) at peak.

I know it probably be my fault in code or something else, and I did not have the same network clients condition (as the production website) to fully profile and find the reason of bottleneck.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

- Wesley

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