Thanks a lot for your explanations.

1) displaying

I tried to add res.setContentType("text/html;charset=utf-8"); and it 
worked : string coming from mysql are correcly displayed in the html 
But since then, all my bundle resources (where I put translation strings 
in utf 8) did not appear correctly anymore.
I found in PropertyResourceBundle doc that apparently the resource 
bundle is always read in ISO-8859-1 encoding and it seems that you 
cannot change (that except if you use xml ?). I suppose that the strings 
where read incorrectly and sent incorrectly to the browser, the two 
errors compensating did show a correct page before setContentType().

what do you suggest for strings localization ? the docs does not tell 
how to use xml for resourcebundle... or how to change encoding for text 
resource bundle...

2) receiving

the html page specify charset=UTF-8 in head content, and when typing £ 
sign I get C2 A3. I suppose it is utf8 even if not exactly the code you 
gave. With that string the search succeed, but with the chinese 
character 务 it fails.
I added <character-encoding>utf-8</character-encoding> in resin.conf, 
and it did some change (before that, the returned search string was not 
equal to the sent search string). But the search still fails with 
chinese char. Maybe this is an issue with amber/mysql ?

PS: I fill my mysql database with phpmyadmin which seems to handle 
unicode utf8 quite well (better than me !).

If you have any idea, thanks for your help.

Knut Forkalsrud wrote:
> Riccardo Cohen wrote:
>> I have an utf-8 html form that searches in the database, and produces 
>> result in an utf-8 html page.
>> I have 2 conversion problems :
>> 1) displaying items
> response.setContentType("text/html;charset=utf-8") may be enough.  It 
> will set the response writer/output stream conversion to utf-8.
>> How do you convert a string to utf8 ?
> utf8bytes = name.getBytes("UTF8") gives you the UTF-8 output.  If you pass 
> that directly to response.getOutputStream() that should be it.  Don't try to 
> convert it back to a String once you have done the UTF-8 encoding.  If your 
> view is dealing with strings or characters instead of bytes, let the view 
> take care of the UTF-8 encoding.  If your view is JSP there are page 
> directives for this.  If your view relies or response.getWriter() setting the 
> desired charset in the content type should be enough.  If your view relies on 
> response.getOutputStream() you need to take care of it yourself, buy you also 
> will write bytes to the output, not characters.
>> in the form I receive a string wich is encoded in utf8 by the browser, 
>> but it is not recognized as utf8 by the server.
> You may want to specify what character encoding your resin environment 
> expects <> .  
> Browsers typically return the form data encoded by whatever character 
> set the html document holding the form had, so if you present your form 
> in UFT-8 you can be reasonably sure you get utf-8 data back in the 
> submission.  Just make sure you indeed have UTF-8 data in the form, with 
> a GET request the £ (GBP) character should show up as %C2%A9.
>> I cannot convert it to  utf8 for mysql.
> Let the mysql JDBC driver get the String, it will deal with any UTF-8 
> encoding internally by itself.  Don't try to force it.
> -Knut
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