This is probably a stupid question (apologies in advance) but I can't figure out how to setup the password for the resin-admin app. I remember trying this before and none of the expected configs seem to work. I've generated the digest and pasted the line into the conf/password.xml file. It doesn't seem to have any effect. Logging in with "admin" and the password I used to generate the digest (copied and pasted from a text editor).

I can't find any documentation on what the password.xml file should look like so I'm at a bit of a loss.  Any suggestions?


Scott Ferguson wrote:
On Mar 27, 2008, at 8:38 AM, Andrew Fritz wrote:

Well, aside from preventing the crash/deadlock that occurred this
morning, is there anything specific I should do to prep our cluster  
"prime time" use?

We've had relatively light usage of our 2 server cluster for the last
few months with very few problems and clustering seems to work well
(with the exception of this morning). I've upped the -Xmx param on the
servers to 75% of the physical memory (some time ago). I've configured
our database cluster to allow 750 connections and upped Hibernate to  
150 (for the moment) connections.

Otherwise, we are starting with a stock config file.

Any other suggestion?

The default <dependency-check-interval> should be raised to a minimum  
of 60s or even larger.

If you haven't already profiled your application, remember that  
Resin's /resin-admin has a profile tab.  It's surprisingly  
lightweight, so it's possible to use even on a production machine.   
It's always a good idea to be aware of where your application is  
spending its time.

Also, take a few thread dumps using the /resin-admin, so you get an  
idea of the baseline behavior.  If something does go wrong, you'll  
want to be able to distinguish the normal behavior from the unusual.   
(It'll also get you in the habit of taking thread dumps, for a freeze  
or cpu spike.  People always forget about thread dumps.)

On Linux (and other Unix), check your file descriptor max with uname - 
a.  The defaults are surprisingly low.  (We're addressing this in  

Remember that threads need virtual memory, too.  That's an issue for  
32-bit systems.  1024 threads x 1m stack size = 1G memory.

Become familiar with the jconsole view (or some other jmx admin).

Any internal monitoring I can do on the servers themselves to  
how much of their resource pool is used up?

The /resin-admin status page has a basic overview.  All the  
administration is based on JMX, so you can either add some new php  
pages to customize your view (it's pretty straightforward), or use  
jconsole, or write your own Java-based JMX display (you can use  
@javax.webbeans.In MBeanServer _server; to get the server), or use  
some other third-party admin tool.

You'll want to set up administration and be familiar with normal,  
baseline behavior before anything goes wrong.

Other people on the list probably have better suggestions.  These are  
mostly based on things people forget to do when they send in bug  
reports, so it might not be representative of real-life administration.

-- Scott


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