A new snapshot is available.  It's primarily bug fixes.

There is a new, important reliability capability in Resin-Pro, based  
on monitoring the CPU load.  The <stat-service> in <management> can  
set different CPU load triggers, for example:

   logging the CPU load
   logging a thread dump if the load is high
   or even exiting Resin on very high loads

The tag docs are at http://caucho.com/resin/doc/resin-tags.xtp.  The  
will also be described at http://caucho.com/resin/doc/resin-admin.xtp

-- Scott

(2008-03-31) config: connection-max and keepalive-select-max should  
default to infinite (#2555, rep by paulberto)
config: connection-max belongs in &lt;server> (#2555, rep by paulberto)
admin: add thresholds for stat-service
jmx: jmx operations need to occur in classloader context of the mbean  
(#2556, rep by Karl Goldstein)
admin: add thread dumps for cpu load and ping failure (#2428)
cache: update miss rate to better reflect total caching (#2505)
openssl: ssl_write updates for SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ and  
SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE (#2465, rep by D Ngo)
resin.conf: ejb-server in ear-default should not have data-source  
(#2472, rep by stbu)
jsp: disable caching of "static" jsp pages (#2548, rep by david- 
hessian: resource counting for SqlDateDeserializer (#2494, rep by gtong)
hessian: add content-type for servlet (#2500, rep by mccloud35)
jni: write on linux was not properly retrying on EINTR/EAGAIN (#2521,  
rep by cytown)
versioning: issues with cookies managing the versioning (#2519, rep by  
install: add resin.conf.orig to build (#2533, rep by norlab)
server: add url-length-max configuration (#2431, rep by A C De Baca)
boot: add watchdog-address (#2717, rep by Eric Kreiser)
cache: check web-app startup when adding new cache entry (#2474, rep  
by Martin Thompson)
amber: serialization of beans with hessian (#2515, rep by Riccardo  
hessian: handing of InputStream.read with Hessian2 encoding (#2535,  
rep by Ray Erdelyan)
session: handle ClusterObject.isDead() state when object is loaded  
(#2477, rep by Matt Hansen)

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