Hi Scott,

These lines in resin.conf will cause thie problem:

 <management path="${resin.root}/admin">
   <user name="admin" password="password" disable="true"/>

   <resin:if test="${resin.professional}">
     <deploy-service enable="true"/>
     <jmx-service enable="true"/>
     <log-service enable="true"/>
     <xa-log-service enable="true"/>

The first time I start the server, everything works fine.

But If I restart it, I get an error:

C:\resin-pro-3.1\conf\resin.conf:21: java.sql.SQLException: Table 'log_' already
exists.  CREATE can not override an existing table.

19:      - Remote management requires at least one enabled admin user.
20:     -->
21:   <management path="${resin.root}/admin">
22:     <user name="admin" password="password" disable="true"/>

If I manually delete the two logs files in ${resin.root}/admin/log and start resin again, it started with no error.

I think this problem is a bit like http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=2065 .

The s080321 and s080331 snapshot both produce this problem.


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