> Is there a way to set the session cookie (jsessionid) in a different path
> than the root (/)? I would like Resin sending the browser something like:
> Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=a8_9DJBlfsEf; path=/test
> but Resin always setÑ
> Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=a8_9DJBlfsEf; path=/
> We are working in a application served by different AppServer throught a
> proxy. All the requests are in the same domain but our proxy redirect the
> request to the correct AppServer discriminating by context-path. So we need
> the session cookie to be set also per context-path not in root, because if
> not the AppServer will overwrite the other AppServer cookies.

If the concern is that you have app servers other than Resin, you can
tell Resin to use a cookie name other than JSESSIONID

If you have multiple instances of Resin, they will not have a problem
using the cookie value that was established by other servers, as long as
reuse-session-id is true (which is the default).

reuse-session-id is documented here:

-- Sam

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