Don Willis escribió:
 > ...Does anybody have a compelling argument why
 > having less memory would dramatically slow down Resin's class loading?


Te only general reason I can think would be that the lack of memory is 
causing the GC to fire too often, so you have a situation where the JVM 
reserves some memory for the newly generated classes, GC fires and frees 
some, then another requests come and there's still not enough, but some 
other classes are not in use already, so the GC fires again... so this 
"memory thrashing" causes the GC overhead/pauses to slow down the 

When you have more memory, when the GC fires more memory can be freed at 
once hence it does not have to run for a while. Even if you don't have 
memory leaks, that can happen to some applications if they 
consume/release memory quite often.

It's not a common case and might not be your case, but that's one of the 
reasons why increasing some memory can make wonders to an, otherwise 
healthy, application.

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