One should *first* initalize request's characterEncoding before reading http 
parameters, otherwise all parameters would be parsed with default (as 
in 'natural', not as in 'user-redefinable default') encoding, which is 
usually Latin1.

Unfortunately, JDBC authenticator assumes it's the smartest class in the whole 
classpath, so it reads request.getParameter("j_use_cookie_auth");
In authenticator, that is, before one could set CharacterEncoding to something 
civilised, like UTF-8. This happens before any filter goes in, so you can't 
fix it. The result is a weird problem: first request is going to bring 
garbled data, subsequent requests would go just fine.

I'm, at the moment, experimenting with resin.form.character.encoding 
parameters and the like, but without much luck.

Please tell me if I miss something.

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