Our production servers have their maximum memory set to 2048m. 
Everything is fine for a while. Eventually the java process ends up with 
all 2048m allocated. At this point server load starts going up and 
response time gets bad. Eventually request start timing out.

Restarting the server fixes the problem instantly and everything is good 
again. Occasionally one of the servers will do this on its own, 
presumably because it reaches the 1m free threshold. That appears to be 
to small a margin and a restart is needed well before there is only 1m 
left so I adjusted the minimum free memory from 1m to 24m.

That seems like a bandage though. The heap dump returned a blank page so 
I'm not sure what was going on there. I'm just curious if anyone has any 
theories about what might be eating up memory over time.

We are using Hibernate and PHP and of course java.


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