There's a new snapshot available.  We're mostly doing bug fixes and  
regression cleanup, so there aren't a lot of new features.  We're in  
week 7 of a planned 8 for the 3.1.6 release.

(2008-04-17) quercus: fsockopen allows host:port as the host string  
(#2603, rep by billybigpotatoes)
quercus: use getRealPath for php-ini in QuercusServlet (#2605, rep by  
quercus: var_dump takes multiple args (#2508, rep by etzel)
quercus: mysql_fetch_field updates to handle table aliasing
quercus: xml_parse needs to allow unassigned character values for  
Mediawiki import/export (#2592)
quercus: DOM constants needed for Mediawiki 1.12
watchdog: add <jvm-classpath>
(2008-04-16) quercus: json was not working with SimpleXmlElement  
(#2569, rep by Matthew Schmidt)
quercus: xml_get_current_column_number (#2574, #2604, rep by P Fischer)
amber: @OneToOne persist cascade issues (#2599, rep by tsv)
amber: startup timing issues.  the codegen must occur before the  
database is selected
jsp: body tag interaction with jsp:include and i18n (#2581, rep by T  
(2008-04-11) response.sendRedirect should encode in utf-8 (#2580, rep  
by Sanjeev)
admin: added .war manifest as a JMX value (#2462)
jms: polling issues with jdbc store (#2570, rep by J Deffenbaugh)
rewrite: add exists condition (#2328, rep by Arthur Naylor)
amber: update classloader order (#2588, rep by Riccardo Cohen)
quercus: xml_set_element_handler with empty string callback was  
causing UnsupportedOperationException (#2591, rep by P Fisher)
host: allow host-alias-regexp in host.xml (#2582, rep by kenjrwalker)
amber: multiple @OneToMany annotations were ignored (#2586, rep by  
Charles Lyons)
amber: mysql shouldn't use RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS when no @GeneratedId  
(#2579, rep by Charles Lyon)
admin: update log_ reloading for remove/restart (#2568, rep by wesley)
boot: jmx defines must be set by boot process (#2567)
ejb: stateless calls to self do not invoke interceptors (#2529, rep by  
Daniel D'Alessandro)
win32 service: nullpointer due to PATH changes to support win64  
(#2470, rep by Sharad Kelkar)
versioning: nullpointer in WebApp.stop() with versioning (#2565, rep  
by stbu)
amber: class changes not picked up for reevaluation (#2562, rep by tsv)
loader: restricted synchronized block on DynamicClassLoader to reduce  
blocking (rep by Knut Forkalsrud)
(2008-03-31) config: connection-max and keepalive-select-max should  
default to infinite (#2555, rep by paulberto)
config: connection-max belongs in <server> (#2555, rep by paulberto)
admin: add thresholds for stat-service
jmx: jmx operations need to occur in classloader context of the mbean  
(#2556, rep by Karl Goldstein)
admin: add thread dumps for cpu load and ping failure (#2428)
cache: update miss rate to better reflect total caching (#2505)
openssl: ssl_write updates for SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ and  
SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE (#2465, rep by D Ngo)
resin.conf: ejb-server in ear-default should not have data-source  
(#2472, rep by stbu)

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