and there in lies the rub...

we took Facebooks php api script and threw it into our project.  We
are running Resin Pro 3.1.3.  The facebook php refused to work, so I
started experimenting

First thing i did was download Resin Pro 3.1.5, and pointed my app to
use that version.  But that actually blew up other parts of our
project, seemly related to smarty templates and possibly other php
This is actually the problem reported here:,-3.1.5-td16037469.html

So on a whim, I downloaded the Snapshot build s080430 and used that.
I was surprised that using snapshot fixed both the smarty template
issue I see in 3.1.5 AND the facebook php script began to work as
well.  I have not done any detailed investigation, but my suspicion is
that the the issue is related to this bug:

Unfortunately, there seems to be some other differences (between 3.1.3
and Snapshot s080430) where we get different UTF8/character encoding


So a couple of question:
When is Resin 3.1.6 being released?
Has anyone successfully used the facebook api php script in Resin
3.1.5 or prior?
Any other advice?

We have considered using the Facebook java api connector, but for
various business reasons that is not ideal.

Sandeep Ghael

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 5:31 PM, Tim Perrett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> No but it should work without problem as Facebook applications just
>  call a straight HTTP url...
>  Provided your PHP runs no problem on Quercus, then it will indeed work
>  with facebook no problems.
>  Tim
>  On 1 May 2008, at 18:00, Marc Betts wrote:
>  > Has anybody ever tried to get the Facebook PHP API running in Resin/
>  > Quercus?
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