Resin 3.1.6 is now available.  The 3.1.x tree is now the stable  
version and will contain only bug fixes.  New development will go into  
the 3.2.x tree.

The release notes are at
The detailed changelog is at

1. Resin JSF

Resin's JSF implementation has been promoted to the 3.1.6 release.   
The JSF implementation includes a large number of bug fixes and  
compatibility testing.  Resin's JSF includes to important  
enhancements: direct JSP implementation and Hessian serialization,  
both of which improve performance and reduce session size.

2. Quercus (PHP)

A large number of bug fixes are included in the Quercus release.   
We've moved our focus to a "killer app" strategy, where the first  
priority of Quercus is keeping up to date with new killer app  
versions.  The killer apps are currently:

   Mediawiki 1.12 (wikipedia)
   Drupal 6.0
   Wordpress 2.5.1

3. HMTP (Hessian Message Transport Protocol)

HMTP is all about putting the "interactive" in RIA (rich interactive  
applications.)  It's a high-performance, bidirectional, asynchronous  
messaging system based on Hessian and XMPP (Jabber IM).   The current  
implementations are in Java and Flash.

The underlying model is a Brokered Agent Messaging (bam), which is the  
XMPP model.  Essentially, it's a hub-and-spoke messaging model with  
dynamic services.  Agents are things like a chat login, or a chat room  
nickname, or a game's player.

We think HMTP is the next step in web interactivity, leapfrogging over  
the interim Ajax/Comet techniques.

4. scheduled-task

scheduled-task is a nice convenience bean for scheduling cron jobs.   
The full cron syntax is supported.  scheduled-task can start Runnable  
beans automatically, or invoke an EL method expression, or execute a  
URL (convenient for PHP cron scripts.)

5. administration/reliability

For Resin-Pro, the administration task now checks CPU usage every 60  
seconds, either logging the results, or logging a thread dump if the  
cpu is excessive.  It's possible to configure the admin to restart  
Resin if the CPU usage it too high as wel.

6. logging

We've cleaned up the logging a bit, making it easier to configure  
custom logging Handlers and Formatting tools.  In addition, we've  
split out <log-handler> as a separate configuration item, which  
configures the log handlers directly.  <logger> configures the  
Loggers.  (The older <log> is now discouraged since it combines both  
and is a bit confusing.)

The logging has some new handlers: "event:", "jms:", and "hmtp:" which  
lets you publish logging messages to WebBeans events, JMS, and HMTP  

share and enjoy!

-- Scott

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