I've almost got our web application running smoothly with resin 3.1.6
(we are currently running 3.1.3 pro)

There are a lot of Quercus/PHP fixes in 3.1.6 that look attractive in
this new verison.  One thing, for example, is that the facebook php
api seems to work in 3.1.6 (more testing is needed but initial
impression is good).

But one issue that I'm fighting is a strange interaction with 3.1.6 &
PHP Sendmail.

Attached is a screenshot of the error I get.  I only seem to get this
error the first time the application tries to use Sendmail (meaning
that each subsequent sendmail call works fine and doesn't throw

To give some context, we call php sendmail after a form is submitted
so that various administrators are contacted via email that an event

As I mentioned, the strange thing is that this error won't occur after
the first failed attempt.   It may be that there is some idle time by
which if i don't do anything the problem occurs again.   I've not
experimented enough to nail that down.

I'm at a loss for why this would behave different with 3.1.3 vs. 3.1.6.

The screenshot shows that the error is a debug output being thrown by
a function in class.smtp.php.  The SMTP code being returned is -0500.

Anyone else using 3.1.6 with php sendmail?


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