Howard Williams wrote (2008-05-14 08:37):
> I created a test jsp that does nothing but output the 
> request.getRemoteUser()
> Here's the output after resin startup and the first page request.  
> There's no session-config in web.xml, and no call to 
> request.getSession(), and I even disabled all the servlets to make 
> sure they weren't doing anything on init.  But the session still looks 
> like it's being created, and the mbean SessionActiveCount gets 
> incremented with each browser I have hit this page.  Seemingly not 
> sessionless, any suggestions on something else to try?

getRemoteUser() implicitly creates a new session (assuming there is an 
authenticator for the application)

But why would you call getRemoteUser() in a session-less application 


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