I have a RH server with 750mb ram. Its serving about 30 hosts, split 
between php (quercus) and jsp. As its not doing
anything else, just the usual email etc, I want to allocate 500mb to 
resin (3.1.6 but this subject is pretty generic). I tried Xms512m, 
-Xmx512m but the system still goes into swap (and eventually uses it all 
so dies). Even -Xms256m, -Xmx256m does it too. Of course I could set 
these really low and might get away with it, but I'm really looking for 
the best values for my config which won't swap and won't waste ram by 
setting them too low, and by extension apply this login for any amount 
of ram in the server. Are there any other params I should modify too 
please? Thanks.

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